Saturday, June 4, 2011

Call of Duty: Elite - Premium Service

Call of Duty: Elite service has been announced. This comes as no surprise to people who have been following the greedy ways of Activision. Black Ops is going to have it, as well as the upcoming MW3.

Essentially, these guys are saying they are taking nothing away and only adding more. However, if a gamer wants to have stats, ranked matchmaking and other services that make this casual FPS at least somewhat challenging and fun - they are going to have to pay up.

As the authors say, these are the "3 pillars" of CoD: Elite:

1 - Conect. Find the players YOU want to play Call of Duty with. Connect with online friends, co-workers, classmates or meet new Call of Duty players
2 - Compete. Test your skills in tournaments and events designed for players of all skill levels.Compete for 
awesome virtual and real-world prizes!
3 - Improve. Get the tools to elevate your Call of Duty game. Access your personal stats, view nexclusive strategy videos and get detailed intel on maps, weapons, and more

Check out the full FAQ and other information at the following link: click here.


Ant said...

This makes me feel like a woman.

Anonymous said...

Sounds cool, followed you!

Thanks for visiting my blog ;)

Jack said...

aw man. I'm so mad my 360 broke. red circle of death.

KrowOne said...

Well, now I'm definitely going to get Battlefield 3 over MW3

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