Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hellgate London is getting revived and going Free-to-Play.

Hellgate London, for the those unfamiliar with the game - is an action RPG that was released back in 2007, the game was developed by former Blizzard employees and promised to be fun and good. However the main developer had quite a few problems and eventually went bankrupt, halting any support for the game. The game was taken offline in 2009 but since 2010 Hanbitsoft has acquired the US/EU territory rights and will be re-releasing back to the US/EU territories with its sequel Hellgate London: Resurrection.

The game will be going into the closing beta stage on June 3rd, you may sign up at the following URL - click here. So we will finally be able to play the game that is actually supported and funded well, the official release date is not announced yet.


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