Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hello, world!

So Mr. ReDDoT asked to come and give my personal point of view about the ever-changing, self-deprecating, mad-inducing world of videogames. And who am I to refuse?

Rush here, pleasure to meet you all on this little internet space where we discuss (note: Flame) the current state of the world of digital entertainment.

What am I bringing into the blog...apart from even more partialized and subjective reviews?
Not much more, I mean, yes, much more of that, but in more topics.
The hipster side of videogaming, and no, I don't mean all the indie market boom of the last few years. I mean when videogaming was good.

(Told you it was going to be very hipster).

When videogame design wasn't about more explosions, more motion blur and retarded concepts for you to flame other people online.
back when every single enemy on a screen was in it's right place, were you actually needed skill to beat a game, and not just use the best weapon, plow your way through a straight line playing Generic War/Space Shooter nÂș26.

Game designers at work.

And don't get me wrong, I do play a lot of current gen games, both on consoles and PC, and as a gamer, and someone's who is trying to get into the developer's scene , I weep (not really) over the choices current game companies are making. Forgetting the fun and adding just more polygons and more resolution into the textures. Sure I like my games to look good, but is it looks beautiful and has the gameplay depth of a potato...well, screw that, I'm back to my NES. Yes, it's very very hispter, I realize that, leave me be.

Also, you got to fight Death itself. Eat shit, marines.

Also, to end the wall of text, I'll also try to put some info for those who, like myself, want to get into the marvelous world of "working for videogames!!one", commenting about how the scene moves.

And...well, hope you enjoy my articles, and let's get it on!


ReDDoT said...

We welcome Rush as one of our main authors. Happy to have you on the team!

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