Sunday, June 5, 2011

E3 Schedule - Live streams

Here is the schedule for the big-scale pre-E3 and during-E3 events.

June 6th Update - Check out the official E3 insider - live crowd activity tracker and many other things.

Live Microsoft E3 stream, about to start -

Live Gametrailers TV stream -

SpikeTV -  online stream for outside USA/Canada -

Official E3 Insider Twitter -

June 6th
Microsoft 10AM-11AM PT, 1PM ET
EA 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM PT, 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM ET
Ubisoft 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM PT, 4:00 PM - 6:30PM ET
Sony 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM PT, 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM ET

June 7th
Nintendo 7:15AM PT - 10:15AM PT, 10:15AM ET - 1:15PM ET 
Show floor opens @ 12:00PM PT, 3:00PM ET
Nintendo roundtable, number one @ 5:30PM PT - 7:30PM PT, 8:30PM ET - 10:30PM ET

June 8th
Nintendo roundtable, number two @ 5:30PM PT - 7:30PM PT, 8:30PM ET - 10:30PM ET
Sonic Party 6:00PM PT - 10:00PM PT, 9:00PM ET - 1:00AM ET

June 9th
Round up of the events.


supearmy said...

Sweet, ready to adjust my sleep schedule around it then, thanks!

pepsi_lover47 said...

Wow awesome site

Keep working hard on it

Lol one of the better blogs out there I think

minecraft129 said...

Is minecraft going to be in E3? haha jk. im excited about the new star wars mmo thats coming out.

Benji Radman said...

Wish i was thurr :(

zemzero said...

Can't wait to see what everyone has in store. Wish I could go.


wish i could go that looks awesome, site is sick!

Jandro said...

One of my buddies is going. about to get some free swag ;)

CGburst said...

can't wait for konamis e3 "one million troops"

Pieter said...

NINTENDO! My friend is going to watch everything live, so I guess he'll keep me posted.

charmingguy said...

Awesome!i want to go to!

Nevore said...

E3 has been sliding downhill. I remember years ago it really was an event but now we know half the stuff that's going to be there well ahead of time.

Jon said...

I'm going to watch every minute of it! And um go blind looking at booth babes.

Liger_XT5 said...

I've only been watching clips that's been released. So far, only a few things have caught my interest.

LasseEA said...

I like your blogging, followed :)

icey said...

machinima also has one

Magixx said...

nice stuff, keep it up!

Alice said...

Just finished the Sony one, much better than the Microsoft one in my opinion.

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