Wednesday, June 15, 2011

EA Pulls Crysis 2 off Steam and gives it "Exclusive on Origin" - Start of new war?

At this year's E3, EA announced its seriousness with the new digital distribution service Origin, aiming to rival Steam - another digital distribution service operated by Valve, currently holding a huge market share.

Yesterday (June 13th/14th) - EA officially pulled Crysis 2 off steam and put it up on the Origin service, as an exclusive download. In addition to that, the latest Alice game is also strictly available on the Origin service. Some people say - "about time steam gets some competition" and "this is better for the industry". However, is it competition when a product in simply denied to be on another service leaving choice up to customer?

There is another point of view - valve isn't selling its game on any other platform (D2D, impulse drive, GOG, etc.), so why are we blaming EA for doing something to attract people to their service?

A lot of people are worried that BF3, ME3 will be Origin exclusive as well - forcing people to use 2 programs on their PC, manage 2 passwords, 2 friends lists, 2 settings, 2 of everything. Do we really want that?

I am planning to give it some time and see how this turns out - I really hope EA does not screw it up.


Marcel said...

thanks for the info man!
also hope that EA won't screw it up haha
.. really hate steam though

Hash said...

I thinks so...

Mike5354 said...

Steam has had a monopoly in it's industry for PC gaming, i reckon other companies are pulling the initiative to creating a new platform like steam

Rush said...

As much as I admire EA's latest efforts for not being the casualkiddiefest they were in the early 2000's, I don't think this is going to work.

Steam is FAR TOO BIG (lolGabe) and powerful to even let go of their monopoly, even if they don't actually do anything to stop EA.

Jon said...

meh ea has turned to crap anyway

Nevore said...

I won't be buying it so.

icey said...

always hated steam.

Jack said...

it would be better competition if the same games were offered through both services.

supearmy said...

Their loss, won't even touch it now

yoni0505 said...

I just hope EA won't learn from Valve.
I don't like Steam, I can't use the friend list because I don't have any games that cost money on my account.
I play America's Army 3 and Alien Swarm but these doesn't count as games and I can't use the friend list.

Also I had other account that got VAC ban becasue someone else hacked into it and probably cheated, and I can't play multiplayer with it.(my friend saw someone else logged in)
But Valve is ignorant. They don't care about the fact that someone broke to my account and cheated, they just ban me and tell me to repay for my games, what a service.

So... I'm using a cracked Steam, and give them the finger.

Hopefully EA will give their costumers a service and not a dick up their ass.

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