Friday, June 3, 2011

Hellgate London: Closed Beta is now live!

Official word from Facebook just came in saying that the Closed Beta is now fully live! This marks the beginning of the "second coming" of the game under its new development.

We're currently downloading the few patches that are available and we will post a preview/review of the game once we get on the servers! Expect some videos/screenshots too!

*Live update - the servers are back up! Off we go!


Stock Investing and Trading said...

wow sounds cool! i wanna give it a try

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ReDDoT said...

Actually checked out your blog, sounds neat.

t30 said...

bah, it's london. brits are lame. (j/k, you brits!)

Joe Clark Cinematography said...

Man, I should see about getting this game when Open Beta begins.

Breakingbrokers said...

i thought this was cancelled

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